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Company Overview

Espros technologies is a leader in communication and collaboration solutions that includes alerting solutions and portals. Espros is technology and framework agnostic and offer solutions across industries.

Espros helps organizations share knowledge and services while converging communication, which results in connected enterprises.

Espros addresses the business needs of organizations by leveraging existing IT investments and facilitating future decision making with enormous amount of flexibility – through implementation of portals and converged communication solutions.

Espros specializes in integrating information, applications and collaborative services that addresses B2B, B2C and B2E business models.

Espros' development center is located in Madurai and our customer spread is in Europe, US and Asia-Pacific. Espros works in coordination with its partner ecosystem towards offering the best solutions to its customers.

Digital convergence of diverse communication devices...

Emergency alert messages have to be delivered in real-time to first responders. This can be done through convergence of all forms of communication devices, be it land phones, hand phones, emails, text messages etc. through usage of CAP protocol.

Collaboration solution for multi-channel marketting...

Multi-channel marketting assumes a lot of importance in the travel industry. Channels of communication have multiplied and the communications are endless in each of the channels. Click here