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Emergency communication technologies and practices use to be dependent on separate infrastructure for different modes of communications. It boiled down to voice vs. data, wired vs. wireless, or satellite vs. terrestrial and never about convergence.

Highly successful Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)was developed that addressed the issue of how to leverage digital convergence to get the most capability, reliability and reach for all modes of emergency communication. Espros technologies has expertise working with CAP right from its initiation.

Alerting solutions is based on CAP standard and provides a single input to all kinds of alerting systems, public warning systems, reporting systems, and enterprise level dashboard intelligence. Espros’ alerting solutions can be used in diverse facilities for diverse security and information needs with diverse devices ranging from land phones, mobile phones, mails, desktops, and sirens etc.


Features of the Alerting Solution

All alerting tools available in the market today can be either integrated into this solution or be interfaced with this. Currently, these are the features that are offered:

PC Alert Pop-Up

The Broadcast Alert Message (BAM) Box is a Windows® screen that pops up on computers to alert the user about an emergency and provides detailed information and instructions.

Telephone Emergency Notification System (TENS)

Many types of TENS are supported - starting with a user-owned call-out system with a few telephone lines to a large hosted system with hundreds of lines, with pre-recorded, on-the-fly or text to voice messages.

Emergency Alert System, National Weather Radio

Counties and large Municipalities can use these federally mandated free tools to broadcast alert messages.

Pagers, Cell Phones, PDAs

The system provides text alert to these devices using either an e-mail server or SMPP service.


Tone and voice sirens activated as a part of the system via radio or network connection, directly or through a siren central controller.

Strobe Lights

The system supports strobe lights of various intensity and colours.

Public Address Systems

Public Address systems for indoors and outdoors are tools of the system.

Traffic Information System

Broadcasts a voice message over a local transmitter(s) dedicated for your area.

Indoor and Outdoor Electronic signs (Variable Message Signs)

With on/off lights or with complete, scrolling text.

Website Update

Posting of updates and automated removal of them. Providing "Public" registration tools so each individual can register selectively to warnings.

Client Testimonial

I would like to express my appreciation for the great job that your company performed in providing the State of California a reliable, modern web services for emergency notification. The system, managed by the State Office of Emergency Services, provide timely warning messages to California residents and emergency managers in case of hazardous incidents.

Efraim Petel

President, ASI Inc.

Value Proposition

  • CAP based alerting and warning system – provides digital convergence across diverse devices.
  • Architected for scalability, availability, security and performance.
  • Works across facilities such as government, industries, campuses and malls.
  • Supports huge volumes of transactions.
  • Interoperable with external devices like sirens, telephone system, national weather radio, and indoor & outdoor electronic signs
  • Reduction in cost and complexity of security implementations.