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Digital convergence of diverse communication devices...

Emergency alert messages have to be delivered in real-time to first responders. This can be done through convergence of all forms of communication devices, be it land phones, hand phones, emails, text messages etc. through usage of CAP protocol.

Collaboration solution for multi-channel marketting...

Multi-channel marketting assumes a lot of importance in the travel industry. Channels of communication have multiplied and the communications are endless in each of the channels. Click here


I would like to express my appreciation for the great job that your company performed in providing the State of California a reliable, modern web services for emergency notification. The system, managed by the State Office of Emergency Services, provide timely warning messages to California residents and emergency managers in case of hazardous incidents. - Efraim Petel President, ASI Inc.
We Artista sa, a photographic accessories and services company based out of paris, france since 90 years state that It has been a smooth and fruitful experience in working with espros tech during our engagement with them for our ecommerce portal. Our 3000 over products has been seamlessly integrated with our ibm enterprise server offering our 2000+ customers a great shopping experience coupled with logistics and account management functions. We wish espros a grand success in all their future endeavors. We have made espros our strategic partner for our portal and software integration needs. We would be happy to recommend espros to other prospective clients of espros. more... - Phillip ROMILLON

Espros Advantage

  • We don't create knowledge, or applications or products or services. We synchronize them, creating a single view for all stakeholders into the organizations’ intellectual capital, its service offerings and its overall capabilities.
  • We help create interactive portals and not just passive portals by integrating platform, middleware and applications software.
  • We help you make intelligent decisions about where portal functionality should reside in your technology infrastructure