Technology Consultants

Outsourcing at Espros does not mean a vendor-customer relationship and it is an integrated partnership. Espros has the credibility of working with customers continuously for the last 7 years where Espros functions as their only technology arm.

In many instances, the most experienced engineering resources between the customer and Espros is with Espros. Our customers get to manage their core business where all the engineering aspects are handled by us. This model is ideally suited for business startups.

Espros works on multiple engagement models with customers where we offer them the flexibility of adopting models that the customers perceive as convenient.

Engagement Model: Offshore - onsite - onsite/offshore

Large Companies

  • Niche offerings like communication and collaboration solutions.
  • Independent verification and validation services.
  • Function as an extended team to their capatives.

Mid-sized Companies

  • Funtion as an extended engineering team
  • Establish dedicated development center and operate on the B-O-T model.
  • Managed services-including development, deployment and professional services.
  • Independent verificatio and validation services.
  • Adapt to customers processes.


  • Complete outsourceing of engineering:Espros forms dedicated team to address the needs of the startup.
  • Setting up of an engineering lab towards building IP on th srartups business model.
  • Flexibility of operating the dedicated center/lab in a B-O-T model.

Value Proposition

  • Partner relationship and not a vendor relationship.
  • Handle both core and non-core functions.
  • Understand the ecosystem of startups and large companies.
  • Agility built in our engineering processes.
  • Collaboration and communication at the core of our business

Espros Advantage

  • Worked with startups as well as large enterprises.
  • Flexible engagement models and ability to adapt to customer processes.
  • Knowledge on various technologies and frameworks.
  • Strong IP in the form of collaboration and communication solutions.