Technology Consultants

Espros technologies specializes in using industry standard portal frameworks and content management systems such as Liferay, Alfresco, Drupal and build customer-specific portal solutions on top of these.

Espros has pre-built and pre-configured solutions for various industries like hospitality, travel, education, and networking associations using these frameworks.

Our portal solutions offerings is very comprehensive and it is an integration of information, applications, and collaborative services in real-time and can be represented as follows:



Rules engine

e Commerce

Video player

Payment gateway

Ad server

Workflow engine

Web 3.0 – Semantics and Enterprise Search

Documents and Records Management

eCommerce Solutions

Business Intelligence

Collaborative content management

Web 2.0/team Collaboration

Core engine



Portal Framework

Espros technologies portal development approach is very simple and comprehensive that would help our customers achieve their goals of connected and network enterprises where there is a seamless integration of knowledge and services through the central portal platform.

Understanding the customer needs – business needs and integration needs

Test Plan – Specifications document and Use cases

Design and Development of Business Needs

Design and Development of Integration Needs

Security implementation at the application level

Verification and Validation of the development


Application maintenance and security implementation

Portal deployment and continuous integration

Value Proposition

  • Integrate tightly with enterprise IT infrastructure and application architecture – touching every point of an IT organization.
  • Delivers a compelling interface to existing IT investments to any stakeholder
  • Enhanced customer interactions through web 2.0/enterprise 2.0 integration making it a marketer's delight
  • Increased stickiness making it a default access point of information for all stakeholders

Espros Advantage

  • We don't create knowledge, or applications or products or services. We synchronize them, creating a single view for all stakeholders into the organizations’ intellectual capital, its service offerings and its overall capabilities.
  • We help create interactive portals and not just passive portals by integrating platform, middleware and applications software.
  • We help you make intelligent decisions about where portal functionality should reside in your technology infrastructure