Technology Consultants

Value Proposition

We are collaborators and not vendors.

Our success is directly proportional to the success of our customers.

We help our customers do better business, every single time that we engage with them.


In-depth expertise in collaboration and communication solutions.

Verticals include government, education, hospitality and ISVs.

Big picture focus on leveraging technology; granular attention to realize business benefits.

Right-mix of business-specific solutions & services depending on the size of companies and their needs.

We understand the business needs and help reduce the expectation – experience gaps.

Digital convergence of diverse communication devices...

Emergency alert messages have to be delivered in real-time to first responders. This can be done through convergence of all forms of communication devices, be it land phones, hand phones, emails, text messages etc. through usage of CAP protocol.

Collaboration solution for multi-channel marketting...

Multi-channel marketting assumes a lot of importance in the travel industry. Channels of communication have multiplied and the communications are endless in each of the channels. Click here